Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing depends on duration of video and features you want to add. Our duration of video production starts from 30 sec.

Our video production duration ends at 120 seconds (2 minutes) but if you are in need of a longer video then no need to worry, you can request a custom quote. Pro voice-over service, sound effects are also included in these packages, no extra charges. If you need script writing then it will be provided as well. We create videos according to your requirements.


Our process is very simple.

Step 1:- As soon as you place your order, you’ll receive an email of your successfully placed order. You’ll be asked in the email to fill our brief form, so we can get idea of your goals.

(If you want script writing then you’ll be asked in the email to fill out the form for script writing. Once, we received your form, our pro award winner script writers will start working on your script. We’ll send you the first draft of the script in 2-4 days. So, you can approve or tell us to fix.)

Step 2:- After the approval of script, our team will start working on the visuals of video.

Step 3:– Now, it’s time to record a pro-voice over from the artist you’ve chose. (We’ll send you visuals of video with voice-over for approval).

Step 4:- After, everything is approved, final video is delivered to you. You can also ask for revisions after final delivery. We provide unlimited revisions in visuals of video until you’re satisfied.

Yes we do produce videos in following languages;

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Arabic

Minimum package duration is 30 sec. If your video is 10 or 15 sec. you have to select that 30 sec. package.


We don’t limit you on how detailed you want your drawings, but please note a 1 minute video should be approximately 150-170 words.