Refund Policy

We believe no one can exist in a business if their customers are not happy with them. We believe on 100% customers’ satisfaction first, as our mission is to maintain the long term relationship with our clients that is only possible, once, all of our customer are completely satisfied with our services.

We do believe you wouldn’t even thinking of having refund from us, as we deliver more, what we promise & you expect.

However, we still provide you the refund option, under following rules;


  • Once you have placed an order and completed your payment, after that, within next 12 hours, before we can start working on your order, you’re having the option to cancel your order and get your 100% money back.


  • After 12 hours, once we have started working on your order, and completed your order in a given time, still, if we are unable to provide you with the work needed or our copywriter’s, artist’s or video animator’s work is satisfactory but we are unable to comply with your standards, your 100% money will be refunded back to your account, excluding of £15, a non-refundable fee of order processing, administration work & voice over artist cost, which can’t be refunded. Apart from that standard fee of £15, all of your money will be refunded back to your account. Refund can be requested within 30 days, from the day you made a purchase.


  • Once we will process refund, you will be notified via email, and the amount will be reflected back to your credit/debit card provider bank account or other medium, whatever you have used to make purchase, within next 5 to 7 working days.


  • In order to request refund, cancel your order or to make revisions in your work, according to above rules, you may contact us at; Phone: +44 20 3883 7871, Email: [email protected] or Chat us on our website.


  • We warmly welcomes you to discuss with us, if you’re having any problem related to your work, so we can work together in order to resolve it, as we’re the team of experts & professionals, those will not disappoint you.